OnePlus 11 Leather Card Holder Back Cover

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The OnePlus 11 Leather Card Holder Back Cover blends luxury with functionality, offering secure storage for cards and cash in a sleek, durable design.

  • Premium Material: Firstly, crafted from high-quality leather for a luxurious feel oneplus back cover.
  • Dual Functionality: Additionally, serves as both a protective cover and a card holder.
  • Convenient Storage: Moreover, features slots for cards and cash for added convenience.
  • Secure Closure: Furthermore, includes a magnetic closure to keep belongings secure.
  • Easy Access: Also, precise cutouts ensure access to ports and buttons remains effortless.
  • Slim Profile: Despite its storage capabilities, maintains a slim and ergonomic design.
  • Durable Construction: Subsequently, ensures long-lasting durability and protection.
  • Variety of Finishes: Finally, available in multiple finishes to complement your style.


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